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Nicks Chicks Band

Nicks Chicks was created in the midst of the 2020 lock downs where live music has been silenced in venues across the country and more personally, in the Chicagoland area.

All three of us had musical careers, performing for decades on a regular basis in notable venues around the country. When the pandemic hit, it was as if "the day the music died" was not just a lyric in a song, but now a reality. Around this time, Julia and Kara had begun playing in Gold Dust Dreams, a tribute to Fleetwood Mac--and Julia and Karen had formed their acoustic rock duo Vinyl Vixens, where they had just begun playing venues in the Chicago suburbs. But just as bands started emerging from the silence and filling venues again with live music, another wave of the pandemic kicked musicians back to square one.

Conversation began among the Nicks Chicks ladies regarding the situation we all faced. With an indefinite time frame of being able to return to performing larger venues with a full band, it was the perfect time for brainstorming.

Music is healing for the mind, spirit and soul. It is a gift that reaches all ages--all generations, and should never be silenced or put on hold. Music is so powerful, it can not only heal a broken heart, but save a life. A simple melody can immediately transport you back in time to a treasured memory and give you new purpose. It can make you want to jump up and dance, drift into a dream, fall in love, cry--you name it. As musicians, it brings us great joy to perform live for people, and that joy is passed on to every listener where we all celebrate together. The imagery, mystique and nostalgia of this timeless music allows for us all to escape this crazy new world we live in, and embrace what we know and love.

Music is a gift for us to cherish, and as long as we are breathing, we will use our voice to fulfill that gift.

Music is life, and we're here to live it.

Karen, Julia, Kara

Julia Lawrence

Julia Lawrence

Julia Lawrence performed for many years in “Mirage”--the successful Chicago based tribute to Heart and Fleetwood Mac--playing the musical role of both Stevie Nicks and Nancy Wilson sharing the stage with several world-known rock bands--the first being Cheap Trick, followed by Grand Funk, Paul Rogers, Howard Leese, 3-Dog Night, Joan Jett, Jim Peterik, & Kevin Chalfont. She relocated out to Las Vegas & formed 3 national tribute shows: Fleetwood Nicks, Heart Alive, & the Women of Rock Show. Both Fleetwood Nicks & Heart Alive were nominated multiple years for Best Tribute Show in the country with Heart Alive taking the win in 2011--sharing the stage with Sammy Hagar, Sebastian Bach, & Geoff Tate. Her tribute shows have performed at notable venues around the country & in Las Vegas, including being chosen one of 12 bands in the country to perform New Years Eve at the Fremont Street Experience “TributePalooza.” Julia relocated back to IL in 2019, performing the vocal lead of Stevie Nicks in “Gold Dust Dreams,” a tribute to Fleetwood Mac, as well as sharing lead vocals and guitar with Karen Hart in the acoustic rock duo Vinyl Vixens.

Julia is also an original musician and songwriter having released 2 original albums “Surrounding Sara” (alternative rock), and “Love Survive” Christian Contemporary Rock album which can be heard on Love Survive’s music also helps support the fight against child trafficking Child Rescue Coalition.

Karen Hart

Karen Hart

Karen Hart's first performance was at the Rosemont Horizon and she has been ROCKIN' ever since. Karen has performed with Cheap Dates, Battlefield (a Pat Benetar tribute band), portrayed Linda McCartney in Band on the Run (a Paul McCartney Tribute band) and portrayed Nancy Wilson in Heart to Heartbreaker (a Heart and Pat Benatar tribute band). Karen started her own band, the Karen Hart Band , performing at large festivals such as; The Taste of Chicago, Schaumburg Septemberfest, Bolingbrook Jubilee, Northlake Days, Naperville Last Fling, Carol Stream Fest, Woodridge Jubilee, Frankfort Fall Fest, Batavia Windmill City Fest, Bartlett 4th of July Fest, Plainfield Fest, Bloomingdale Septemberfest, Taste of Polonia, Cantigny, Taste of Lombard, Monee Fall Faire, Lisle Eyes to the Skies, Winfield Good Old Days, West Chicago Railroad Days, Berwyn Centennial Festival, Long Grove Festivals, Somonauk Summerfest, and Worth Days to name a few. Recently, Karen has been performing a tribute to The Pretenders Karen Hart Band Pretending .

Karen has shared the stage with national acts such as the Gin Blossims, the Smithereens, Dennis DeYoung, the Ides of March, Davy Jones and the New Colony Six. Karen Hart's high-energy and powerful vocals leave no doubt she can ROCK like few others. Her love of music is evident in her performance and watching the fun she has on stage, you can't help but join in on it.

Kara Kesslring

Kara Kesselring

Kara Kesselring is a consummate pianist/vocalist on the Chicago music scene. In addition to performing in many different genres, Kara is a music director, arranger, educator and songwriter. She's performed in many Broadway, touring, and Chicago theater shows, most notably the Broadway show Jersey Boys. Kara is the CEO & bandleader for one of Chicago's premier wedding & corporate bands, Standing Room Only Orchestra. Kara is the keyboard player and vocalist for Gold Dust Dreams, Chicago's premier tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

Kara resides with her bass playing husband, Patrick Williams, their daughter Iris, their adorable dog Daisy and four chickens. You can see more information about Kara on her website Kara Kesselring


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A Tribute to Stevie Nicks

Nicks Chicks

Stevie Nicks is always surprising us with her musical collaborations. From Tom Petty to Don Henley to Sheryl Crow and many more highly acclaimed musicians. Her highly anticipated 24 Karat Gold Tour began with another surprise artist joining her on stage in her hometown of Phoenix AZ. During the early half of her show, she brought out her longtime friend Chrissie Hynde to help her sing “Stop Draggin' My Heart Around”. The crowd went wild as Chrissie took the Tom Petty vocal lead to another level that left the audience wanting more. Needless to say, the two ladies wanted more too—so they decided to hit the road together and tour across North America.

As a member of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie has performed around the world to sold out shows for decades, as well as winning the Grammy for their Rumours album. The magic didn't stop with Fleetwood Mac's success as Nick's solo career proved to be just as strong. She has released multi-platinum albums, as well as being dubbed the “queen of rock and roll” by Rolling Stone Magazine, with 6 top 10 albums and 8 Grammy nominations. Her crowning validation as a rock and roll icon was apparent when she became the first woman to be inducted twice into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With Fleetwood Mac in 1998 and again in 2019 for her solo work.

Since Kara and Julia had already been working in Gold Dust Dreams together, and since Julia and Karen had formed Vinyl Vixens where they also did a lot of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac material, the 3 ladies decided to embark on a new journey of performing Stevie's music with Fleetwood Mac, her own solo hits, collaborations with other artists (Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley), in a unique, creative acoustic trio. Not even Stevie Nicks herself has gone out and performed a show without a full band behind her. Acoustically, these songs come to life in a brand new way that allows for a whole new vibe and way to experience them.

With Stevie's new feature length concert film, a Rhiannon movie in the works, her being the only female artist to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice, and Fleetwood Mac back at the top of the charts, a whole new generation is being exposed to Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac music. Therefore, we all knew it was a "no brainer" to take this idea and run with it. Not to mention our genuine love for this music--we all grew up loving classic rock and we feel blessed to be able to honor these legendary artists, while at the same time bringing Stevie fans together for a special live performance that celebrates her impact in Rock History. Our Stevie celebrations are a rockin' good time for all, and we encourage fans to come out in their Stevie finery--black lace, chiffon, velvet, shawls, beads, boots, and of course top hats are always welcome!


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Come out and ROCK with us!

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Nicks Chicks Band
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Celebrating the Music of Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac & more

Big Love
Don't Stop
Edge of 17
Eyes of the World
Gold Dust Woman
Go Your Own Way
Hold Me
Holiday Road
I Don't Wanna Know
If Anyone Falls
Leather & Lace
Little Lies
Monday Morning
Over My Head
Say You Love me
Second Hand News
Sisters of the Moon
Stand Back
Talk to Me
The Chain
You Make Lovin' Fun
World Turning
Nicks Chicks Band

With Tom Petty
  Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  Needles & Pins
  Free Fallin

With Sheryl Crow
  Strong Enough

With Don Henley
  Leather & Lace

With Kenny Loggins
  Whenever I Call You Friend

With Chrissie Hynde
  Middle of the Road


Demo Songs and Video!

Check out our brand new demo!

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Nicks Chicks Band

Nicks Chicks in the Studio

On a crisp Saturday morning in February, February 6 th to be exact, the ladies of Nicks Chicks met at Crystall Recorders Studios in Lombard IL to record tracks for our first demo. Songs were decided upon early on with our choices being: Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Leather & Lace, Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Don’t Stop, Landslide, Second Hand News, Over My Head, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me and Gypsy. We also added two duets, Stevie & Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” and Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.” However, because we are all huge Petty fans and Karen does an awesome cover version of Refugee by Melissa Etheridge (who by the way also has a “Stevie connection”), we had to add this tune to our set. That being said, we ended up recording a whopping 15 song demo in one afternoon! Our captain and studio wizard was Bryan Clavey, who with his amazing staff worked their magic as they captured the sound and vibe we had envisioned for Nicks Chicks! While the 3 of us weaved our “Mac Magic” with instrumentation and vocal harmonies, it was Bryan and his crew who were truly our heroes. Our “silent soldiers” carried us through the recording process allowing us to shine and create something unique and exciting to bring to the tribute industry. As we forged through the list of songs until the sun went down, we noticed it was snowing heavily outside. But the guys motivated us to stay focused and we were able to finish all 15 tunes that day! Yes the drive home was a bit hairy, but we all made it safely and it was all so worth it! Thank you Bryan and everyone at Crystall Recorders Studio---we couldn’t have done it without you! Now we look forward to bringing Nicks Chicks to fans around the Chicagoland area and beyond! To see more information about Crystall Recorders Studio see their website -
Nicks Chicks Band
Nicks Chicks Band

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